New Year | New Incentives

Posted on December 04, 2019 7:53 PM News, General


Are you cultivating a better work culture for your employees? After all, the most integral part of any organization is its people! Simple and cost-effective techniques can help your employees feel more passionate about their job, improve performance in the workplace, and decrease your turnover rate. With the use of incentives, you can instill loyalty and motivate your employees to contribute to an overall healthier bottom line. Whether used for recognition or for morale, incentives allow you to tangibly show your employees how important they are to your team.

Incentives are usually outside of the normal salary and benefit agreements and can be given in a variety of forms including time off, recognition, non-monetary items, cash, gift cards, special events, promotional gifts and more. Sound expensive? You’ll be happy to hear that incentives are often financially self-supporting! As you reward your employees for exceptional work, productivity and performance begins to rise. Workers are more motivated to contribute to the company’s success. Any costs associated in obtaining incentives are often heavily offset by the rewards of employee engagement.

Implementing incentives is easy! Try these simple ways to boost company morale:

  • Flexible Working Arrangements – Give employees a chance to work from home on occasion.
  • Training – Provide in-house training to empower your workers and increase accuracy.
  • Monthly Events – Hold an office theme day to spark some fun and creativity in the office.
  • Showcase Hard Work – Recognize excelling team members in company-wide emails, photos, or with handwritten notes.

Once you have some of these in place, you will see a slow shift begin to happen in your organization’s morale. Employees become happier to come to work, decreasing absenteeism. An overall morale boost helps to motivate them in their daily tasks. But to truly make a turnaround in your workplace, consider providing monetary incentives. This is the real motivator for employees to kick into full drive. Consider some of the below to reward your star employees, and push others to achieve the same:

  • Paid Time Off – A reward of rest & relaxation will always be a winner.
  • Bonuses – A small cash incentive for hitting monthly goals or outstanding work.
  • Interest-Based Rewards – What do your employees love to do? Consider sporting event tickets or gift cards to their favorite restaurant.
  • Company Gifts – Order promotional gift sets of drinkware, apparel, office supplies and accessories.

Best practice is to have a good mix of monetary and non-monetary incentives which cultivate a better work environment for your employees. Wondering which items you should choose? Check out Fully Promoted for creative and functional gifts you can leverage to promote your business. Fully Promoted will even decorate these items with your company logo, allowing your employees to show pride in the company they work for, as well as gain you some local brand recognition and awareness.  Best of all, these promotional gift sets are offered for a reasonable cost and will allow you to quickly begin increasing your employee engagement. Implement these and other tactics to improve employee retention, increase productivity, decrease turnover rates, and boost morale! Start increasing your bottom line through the most influential part of your business – the employees!