Medical & Healthcare Promotional Products: Guide to Promoting Your Practice

Posted on May 03, 2021 4:23 PM

Are you trying to attract new patients or clients to your healthcare or medical practice or business? There are several great promotional product choices for the healthcare and medical industry designed to garner attention for your practice. Whether you would like to pass out goodie bags at a health fair, hand out appreciation gifts to your team, or thank patients for choosing your practice, promotional products are most successful when they are items that are useful, practical, and long-lasting. The longer your business’s name stays in patient or employee households, offices, or even on the go, the more attention your brand is garnering. Here is a list of items other medical professionals have found to be successful. We can create any of these ideas for you or help you with something completely original.

·         Reusable Face Masks

One of the most useful and attention garnering products is a reusable facemask. Reusable face masks not only prevent the spread of disease but can also easily generate countless impressions. Handing them out to patients and employees is not only a great tool to promote your medical practice, but it is also helpful given the demand for reusable face masks.

·         Pillboxes 

One of the best promotional medical products is pillboxes. They stay in homes for quite a while as patients depend on these for organizing their medications and supplements. Additionally, it is a very practical item that most consumers do not want to spend money buying for themselves. 

·         Stress Relievers

Harvard researchers have found that stress can lead to 26 chronic illnesses, including heart disease and even cancer. Finding ways to destress is imperative to health. And even though a stress ball may not be a cure-all for stress, it is a great start. As a promotional product, these items are great at garnering attention as they are commonly kept on top of desks and even shared with others. They also come in a wide array of shapes so we can create something truly unique for your practice.

·         First Aid Kit

The best part of a promotional first aid kit is how long people tend to keep them. It is handy and the sort of item individuals keep in their cars, home, or office for years as it often becomes their go-to storage for all kinds of first aid accessories for themselves and/or their family.

·         Imprinted Pens

Promotional pens are perhaps the best way to spread awareness of your brand. In a survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 50% of consumers shared that they currently had promotional pens at home. Many doctor’s offices find this option a professional and understated way to get their practice new attention.

·         Hand Sanitizer

You can never have too many of some items, and hand sanitizer is one of them. We offer a great assortment of options, including gel or spray hand sanitizers. We can create personalized bottles and provide various functional cases to hold the bottle, such as a key chain, lanyard, carabiner, or wristband.  

·         Water Bottles

Encourage a healthier lifestyle with customized water bottles. We offer a great variety of styles, materials, and options for branded water bottles. Water bottles are usually taken everywhere and can gain a lot of new attention wherever they go. Additionally, they are also a great environmentally-conscious item. 

·         Tote Bags

Customized tote bags are a fantastic tool for creating brand awareness. Everywhere the tote is taken, your business is garnering new and unlimited attention. Tote bags are also great for creating care packages. Easily select a few of the items listed in this article to put inside a customized tote bag, and you have created the perfect marketing bundle to give out to patients and employees.

·         Uniforms

Help your practice stand out with branded employee uniforms. Your patients will quickly notice how professional and organized your practice is, as well as make it easy for patients to identify members of your staff. Additionally, employee uniforms make things easy for your team as they do not have to spend extra time or money getting their own work attire. Hospitals and medical buildings are typically very cold. Embroidered sweaters or sweatshirts with your practice’s name and logo can help create a unified look while keeping your staff warm.

·         Custom Apparel

Promotional clothing is very successful at creating brand awareness for two reasons. First, because it turns individuals into walking billboards. Second, because they are very desired. Roughly 58% of American consumers have a promotional t-shirt at home, and just over 40% own a promotional hat. So whether you want to pass out personalized baseball caps or sun visors at your next health fair or thank your patients for visiting your practice with a promotional t-shirt, custom apparel has a lot to offer your business.

If you are looking for ways to promote your medical practice or healthcare business, we can help you create the perfect promotional product for your business. Let our team of local experts help you figure out what would work best for your business as well as your budget. Call your local Fully Promoted today to get started!