Marketing Emails to the Inbox | Strategies for Success

Posted on December 21, 2018 12:10 AM General, Embroidery

Know Your Audience

It is very important to understand your audience when creating an email list. Segmenting lists by demographics can help target the right audience. Email marketing should include promotional or informational messaging with content that resonates with your customer's needs to improve engagement. However, not all emails are promotional, there are also transactional emails that can be sent out based on customer activity such as a tracking orders, thank you emails after a purchase or confirming any activity completed on your website. These are trusted emails and can earn higher open rates.

Engaging Subject Lines

In email marketing, the subject line of an email needs to be so compelling that it jumps out and immediately distinguishes itself from other emails in the inbox. Personalizing emails through automated solutions can help with this to improve open rates. Some of the basic features of automated personalization is using the customer's name in the subject line so that it appears and email was written specifically for them. Additionally, email automation can automatically send emails when certain specifications have been set. Completing a drip email marketing campaign allows for emails to be sent out over time for occasions such as birthdays or for any other triggered condition you program like recommendations on other purchases.

Keep it Professional

Emails should not only contain interesting content but they should also be created in a clean and simple format to make them easy to read. Keep paragraphs brief and relevant, avoid using too many images and if you have a lot of quality content, consider bullet points to keep the format simple. However, what you do want to include is a very prominent "call to action" button linking to where you want your readers to go next. This button should stand out amongst your content to encourage the reader to take action.

Avoid Being the Spammer

Be very careful about the number of emails you send to your customers. Too many emails can become annoying and customers may be more enticed to list it as spam. Make sure the information you send is important to your reader and always make sure your emails have an unsubscribe option.

Open Rate Success

Not every email sent will be opened, following these simple steps can increase your email marketing open success rate. Remember to know your audience, create engaging subject lines, keep it professional and avoid being spammy.

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