Make Your Company Stand Out with Branded Holiday Displays

Posted on November 20, 2018 12:09 AM General, Embroidery

To take your brand success to new heights, think big and be creative. There are many ways to make your brand stand out, including several creative ways to add your company into branded holiday displays. Plan early so that you have all the resources and supplies you need to be ready this holiday season. Branded Window Displays

Amazing window displays draw attention from crowds and drive people into stores. Decorate your window display with popular company products that show off your brand. It doesn't have to break the bank when you use the right resources. You can even look for help from the local college or volunteers from your local community center that work in art and design to help come up with this year's holiday look. The more creative or interactive your display is, the more attention it and your brand will receive.

Branding Your Company Christmas Tree

Have you thought about getting a Christmas tree for your store to decorate for the holidays? You can even make branded ornaments or display different products on the tree. It can be a great spot to take photos with clients, and to advertise your products and services in a festive way. If you are displaying a Menorah, be sure to add some branded items to the display as well.

Make Your Company Cozy and Inviting

If your company's entrance is cozy and inviting, it can help your guests feel in the holiday spirit. Bake some cookies and put your logo on them or personalize some blankets and have them by your seating area or serve hot cocoa in branded mugs to add to the ambience. Adding personal touches around your company can enhance the holiday mood, and people want to spend more when they are in the holiday spirit!

Branded Holiday Displays on Social Media

After all your efforts, don't forget to make your brand stand out on social media throughout the season. Get followers engaged in your posts by sharing photos of customers by your company holiday displays, posting a selfie eating a branded cookie or relaxing in your holiday seating area with your branded blanket and cocoa. Don't forget to add hashtags as well as photos of your products to all of your posts!

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