Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy with Promotional Wellness Giveaways

Posted on August 13, 2018 12:09 AM General, Embroidery

Show Employees You Care

Showing your staff you care goes beyond your usual promotional product giveaways. They can always use pens, pads and uniforms but encouraging them with promotional wellness giveaways to help maintain their health shows you care about their wellness and allows them to grow and connect with your organization. Plus, things like first aid kits, bumper stickers, flash lights, sunscreen and even stress balls are items that are more likely to be shared, paving the way for expanded brand recognition.

Share the Importance of Physical Wellness

Using customized bumper stickers and car magnets that promote wellness as giveaways is a fantastic way to boost your brand recognition. Whether they show support for your physical fitness business, health-related causes like autism, breast cancer, Parkinson's disease awareness or promotional group fitness events, the word will be getting out. In the case of vehicle decals, the impression, though brief, can be lasting, and that gives you and your team the chance to catch the eyes of anyone on the road. Let us help you make them remember you!

Wellness Giveaways They'll Take Wherever They Go

Whether they're given at a conference or meeting or as a gift for your staff to take home to their families, lip balms, sunscreen, sleep masks and lotions are something people remember to bring with them, be it for daily or occasional use. Even if they aren't sharing with anyone, they will be endorsing your brand simply by using these personal wellness products! By taking advantage of these at-home recognition opportunities with wellness giveaways, you'll also be sharing the message that you're in the business of improving people's lives too.

Be Ready Before They Know They'll Need It

Another way to exercise thoughtfulness in promotional wellness giveaways is to include items people will always need but may not always have. Even if they already have one, extra compact mirrors and sewing kits,among many other things will always come in handy. Travel-ready necessities like toothbrushes and travel cases, 3oz liquid containers and eyeglass cases and cloths are useful commodities that aren't always on one's mind but are much appreciated when readily available!

Keep Them Safe

For the wellness of your employees and clients, attention to mental health has become increasingly important, and it is not hard to understand how people's daily lives can lead to a lot of unwanted stress. To battle this growing concern, we can also customize squeezable stress relievers in a variety of shapes and themes. We also encourage safety by customizing reflective gear and flashlights for everything there is to do after dark. Other useful items you can use as part of promotional wellness giveaways to encourage safety may include helmets, padding and identification flags for outdoor activities.

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