Improve Employee Recognition with Corporate Awards

Posted on December 03, 2020 6:03 PM

While most businesses know that their employees are their most effective brand ambassadors, many have yet to create an employee recognition culture. This involves sponsoring an in-house, evergreen corporate awards program that celebrates and rewards staff who out-perform showing appreciation for their over-the-top efforts and to motivate other employees to emulate these achievements. 

Research over the years has shown having an employee recognition culture that includes corporate awards is essential for building staff morale and retaining employees. Most recently, a Gallup survey of US employers/employees found that while most employers said their staff members leave their companies to earn more money, employees actually leave companies most often due to their feeling that their efforts are not recognized. About 65% of surveyed employees said they did not receive any recognition for their work over the 12 months before their response to the survey.

Most successful employee recognition awards programs begin with developing a corporate awards strategy. Consider appointing an Awards Program Development Committee. This should be a committee of staff members to guide the creation of your corporate awards strategy, program, and criteria. From the start, the program must be fair, and employees must see it to be fair. In addition, the committee should plan your corporate awards program with the following in mind.

·         Make All Awards Personal

Each honored recipient should be named and honored for specific contributions. The award process should make clear how the contributions made a difference to the company and/or its customers.

·         Amplify All Awards Recognition Internally and Externally

Publicizing your employees’ awards both internally and externally is one of the most important tactics to use in your employee awards program. Honor award winners in department meetings, on the company intranet, in company newsletters, and via all your company’s social media channels.

Commemorate Employee Awards with Plaques, Trophies and Promotional Items

Always popular, keepsakes like plaques and trophies remind employees of their contributions. These tributes have a surprisingly low cost, are typically proudly displayed for years – either at prominent locations within the company, at employee workstations or offices, and even in employee home offices.

Many businesses also have found that using branded promotional items works well as their employee recognition gifts. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the promotional product industry’s largest membership organization, several products are particularly appreciated by employees and others who receive branded gifts. 

Earbuds top the list of prized, branded promotional items as they are widely used and saved. Branded outerwear and performance wear, such as jackets, are close seconds as favorites. Creative drinkware is also popular, along with budget-friendly pens, pencils, and other writing instruments. Some companies have long-standing traditions of giving watches or other more traditional items that have been branded with the company logo – the possibilities are endless.

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