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Posted on March 21, 2018 12:02 AM General

Last year, Major League Baseball games attracted more than 70 million attendees. Cover all your bases and get your company involved in America's favorite pastime while promoting your brand. Create custom baseball promotional items for corporate giveaways or employee incentives so it's your brand they see as they cheer on their favorite teams. Check out these baseball promotional product ideas that will have you hitting home runs with your clients!

Stadium Cushions

Even the seven-inning stretch can't relieve the effects of sitting on a hard seat. Allow your clients to enjoy the game in comfort with branded stadium cushions. Whether it's a foam cushion or a folding seat with back support and storage features, Fully Promoted has many different styles that will fit any budget.

Customized Foam Fingers

Customized foam fingers get baseball fans ready to cheer on their team until the final inning. This baseball promotional item automatically makes them a cheerleader while giving your brand vast exposure because of all the eyes that will be on your logo.

Baseball-Themed Stress Balls

Hand out baseball-themed stress balls to your staff and clients for a simple, yet useful, baseball promotional item that is imprinted with your company logo. As the rivals face off and games become nail biters, your clients and staff may need a stress reliever to help manage their competitive anxiety.

Custom Rally Towel

Yelling sometimes isn't enough, so fire up the crowd at the big game with custom rally towels. They come in a variety of sizes and colors that are sure to get your brand noticed.

Tailgating Baseball Promotional Items

Get ready for tailgating by customizing baseball promotional items that will be useful before the game starts. Come to the tailgate prepared to be the best host with customized koozies so you can keep their drinks cool while enjoying the game. You can customize coolers, aprons, folding chairs and even put your logo on a spatula. Tailgate promotional items draw attention to your brand and can be used at other outdoor events long after baseball season ends.


Baseball Fans Trust Fully Promoted for Promotional Items

Score with your clients and employees with baseball promotional items from the experts at Fully Promoted. A leader in the promotional products industry, Fully Promoted is a nationwide company with hundreds of local resource centers that house promotional product experts from your own community. Whether it's for baseball season, another sports league or products for your next corporate event, Fully Promoted is ready to help find the perfect products to reach your target audience.