Health & Fitness Swag to Get Your Wellness Program Moving

Posted on January 19, 2021 6:37 PM

Creating a well-planned and motivational launch of your corporate wellness program is one of the most important tasks to complete to ensure the program’s success. And a successful corporate wellness program delivers plenty of healthy returns on your investment –improved employee health through disease prevention and management, increased employee productivity, improved employee recruitment and retention, a decrease in employee absenteeism, higher employee morale, a reduction in health insurance costs, and much more. 

Tips for Developing a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

The development of a wellness program should begin with some research to get to know the health of your employees. This can be done through voluntary surveys and health risk assessments. Having the support from upper management can make or break a program before it ever takes off – this is critical. Many companies have found that establishing a diverse Wellness Committee to truly represent the company as a whole is helpful. They would work to develop the program and eventually, educate employees and increase excitement about the program among employees. The committee establishes goals and works with management to establish a suitable budget. Once armed with all of this information, the committee should put together recommendations for the various components of the program as well as rewards or incentives that may be offered. Sharing the program with the entire company would be a joint effort of the entire committee and often involves quite a bit of fanfare and fun.

The best corporate wellness programs have several components in common:

·         Full support from leadership

·         Realistic budgets

·         Specific goals

·         Well-organized program

·         Program that is based on science and effective behavior change models

·         Addresses an individual’s total health – the physical, emotional, and financial aspects of each employee’s well-being

Motivating Employees to Join In

So how do you ensure your wellness program is a success? You choose the right health and fitness swag to get your wellness program moving! Inspiring employees to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes gets a boost when you pair information, activities, and incentives with popular branded health and fitness swag. Jumpstart your employee wellness program with these popular, branded health and fitness promotional gifts.

·         Athleisure – Be part of the trend in both fashion and wellness when you outfit your employees with athletic-friendly clothing that is comfortable enough to be worn every day as well as very functional and durable. Your brand will be prominently displayed on high-quality t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, jackets, sweats, yoga pants, hats, and more. 

·         Bags – Lightweight, colorful, and carried everywhere, your brand and its commitment to wellness are on full display each time a branded drawstring bag or duffel bag is used. Studies show that those who receive these over-the-shoulder bags keep them for years and use them again and again. Bags are always a popular swag item!

·         Reflective Wristbands – Budget-friendly and eye-catching, these popular accessories are great for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Reflective wristbands come in a variety of materials and colors that show off your brand’s commitment to health, fitness, and safety. 

·         Branded Drinkware – Your brand will be seen everywhere and associated with health and fitness when you gift employees the equipment to make a healthy choice wherever they go: water bottles with your logo. There is a huge selection of plastic water bottles to choose from, including the wildly popular infusion bottles and transparent and colorful versions. Metal water bottles are also on-trend, as they come in your choice of either lightweight aluminum or stainless steel and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Branded bottles for shaking or blending protein drinks are also a popular swag item for wellness programs.

·         Lunch bags – Employees trying to eat healthier will be encouraged to bring lunch from home (as opposed to running out for fast food at lunch) if they have a branded lunch bag to bring their favorite healthy meal to work. There are countless styles and colors to choose from and these will last years. Small food containers can also be included in branded lunch bags to make them even more appealing.

·         Pedometers – A lot of corporate wellness programs involve counting steps so get them off on the right fitness foot with their own branded pedometer

·         Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, stress balls, etc. – Tried and true, these swag items are always well received and very popular. Several styles are available for each but they can all be customized with your company logo and colors and very budget-friendly. A welcome kit including these items can be offered to those who sign up for the program.

Fully Promoted is the Home of Motivating Employee Health and Fitness Swag

Make sure your employee health and fitness swag are fully branded and Fully Promoted to get your corporate wellness program moving. No matter the size of your business, wellness programs can benefit your business and your employees. At Fully Promoted, your local promotional product experts are available to make recommendations for your wellness swag based on your budget and program’s goals. Contact us to create employee health and fitness swag that best promotes your brand and commitment to wellness.