Graphic Design Project? How to Capture Interest & Attention

Posted on October 29, 2020 7:01 PM

There’s no doubt that the graphic design you choose for your marketing and human resources campaigns can make or break their success. With this in mind, there are several proven best practices you can deploy to create the most impactful graphics for all of your marketing collateral. Keep the following in mind when considering graphic design services that capture interest and attention.

·         Have a Clear Goal

Understand the goal of your campaign. Are you trying to increase sales? Motivate employees? Boost brand awareness? Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, you are ready for the next step.

·         Make Your Message Matter

Create a message that communicates precisely and concisely what you are trying to say to your audiences. It should be no more than one line and can even be just a few words.

·         Make Sure Your Message Has Impact

Is your message a strong statement that you would like your important audiences to associate with your business? Make sure that it is motivational.

·         Give Your Message a Call to Action

Your message should include an invitation to your audiences to contact your company and all the information necessary for them to reach you and interact with you on a variety of platforms – including social media.

·         Think Through How Your Graphic Design Will Help You Send Your Message in Multiple Ways

Decide what media and promotional products you want to use to support your campaign and make certain that you are planning the graphic design of your message appropriately for each medium.

·         Keep it Simple

Clarity is always the goal of effective graphic design. The more complex your message is the harder it will be for those who see it to understand your point. 

·         Deploy Visual Hierarchy

Decide what is the most important aspect of how you are visually communicating your message and make sure that is the most prominent element of your graphic design.

·         Use White Space

Using whitespace around your graphic design automatically draws the eye to the visual representation of your message.

·         Use Contrast

The use of contrasting colors in your graphic design gives your message energy and movement.

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