Get Ready to Gift! Top 5 Trends in 2020 for Corporate Holiday Gifting

Posted on August 05, 2020 1:55 PM

Holiday corporate gift-giving takes on more meaning this year as the right customer and employee gifts will be especially appreciated in challenging times. You will want to address choosing yours as quickly as possible to make certain that these reminders of your appreciation reach those most important to your business in time for the holidays. When selecting your business’s corporate holiday gifts, you will want to choose those that complement your business’s products and services, showcase the unique nature of your brand, and are budget-friendly. You also may want your gifts to have extra meaning by tying them to a charitable cause, support of a local organization, or a green initiative.

With these goals in mind, here are the 5 top trends in corporate holiday gift-giving to make sure that you give the gifts that keep on giving for your business:

1.       Customize Your Gifts to Recipients – Gifts matter the most when they are relevant to what recipients like and use. Think of the desired reaction to your gift as being “You know just what I like/need”! Even the least expensive items can provide this bang for your buck – and achieve a feeling of affinity with your brand.

2.       Give Gifts that are Relevant and Useful Year-Round – When you are deciding on which corporate holiday gifts to give, choose those that will be useful to recipients year-round and pass on those that are holiday-themed. This way, the gifts will deliver repeated positive exposure for your brand – and not be shelved the minute the holidays are over.

3.       Choose Gifts Appropriate to the Recipients’ Level of Engagement with Your Brand – Reserve your higher gift spend for those who support your business the most. This will save you money and ensure that recipients are comfortable with your gesture. Classifying recipients by tiers and assigning appropriate gifts to each tier is a good way to think about it while helping you keep your budget in check.

4.       Make Sure Your Gift is High Quality – Even the most inexpensive gifts should be first-quality examples of whatever items you choose. You will always want your brand to be associated with quality products and services so you should also consider how your gift is wrapped or presented – make a great first impression.

5.       Get Creative with Your Choice of Gifts – Your selection should always show in some way how your business is different from the competition. Whether you choose a unique color, feature, and/or item, your goal is for recipients to understand that you and your business think outside the box.

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