Gear Up for the Great Outdoors – Top Promotional Products

Posted on March 18, 2022 2:58 PM

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to think about gearing up with the promotional products your customers and employees will love as they look to get outdoors and enjoy some fun in the sun. Aligning your promotional products strategy with the season builds a stronger affinity for your brand, knowing your company swag aligns with the activities your customers love making them a useful addition to their summer plans. 

Seasonal items are important to have on hand for promoting your business and have been proven to have a great return on investment (ROI) in the short and long term. These items help your business stand out and keep your company top of mind. If your business will be attending trade shows, conventions, health fairs, or other community events in the next few months, aligning your giveaways with items people commonly used over the summer months is a smart choice. You want to ensure you are promoting your brand with items that people find useful and timely to build more of an affinity for your brand. Quality promotional items are a great way to impress a potential client or customer – when they receive a quality item that they can use this summer, there is no doubt that they will remember what company it was from. 

Although some classic seasonal items will always be well-received such as sunglasses, beach towels, beach balls, etc., here are the top promotional products for gearing up for the great outdoors this summer:

1.      Cooler Backpacks and Bags

These insulated bags will keep food and drinks cool for hot beach days or camping trips. Some cooler bags feature adjustable straps and are waterproof. With your logo added, these will advertise your business everywhere the bags go. 

2.      Folding Chairs

Whether your customers are lounging on their patio, the beach, on the sidelines of a local summer sporting event, or even out in the wilderness, branded folding chairs featuring your logo help grow your reach and keep your business top of mind. 

3.      Tumblers, Canteens, or Food Thermos

Always convenient, tumblers, canteens, and food thermos are a great idea for holding water or food for long days outdoors. Everyone knows how important it is to keep hydrated and eat properly when in the summer sun but these sweet pieces of swag are useful year-round – and the best part is they come in a wide array of sizes, styles, and colors that can have your logo added to them. 

4.      Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas are another solid choice because of how useful they can be. Summer days often bring sudden rain showers making it important to keep handheld umbrellas handy in cars, backpacks, tote bags, and more. Large umbrellas are also very useful for staying out of the sun on long days by the lake or beach. Featuring your logo, these popular giveaways will be used for years to come.

5.      Flashlights

Summer nights spent camping in the great outdoors are wonderful. You can stare up at the stars and enjoy the peaceful sound of crickets chirping. However, when you need to find something in the dark, you need to have a flashlight on hand. There’s no doubt that flashlights are a must-have when on any adventure in the evening. When your customers use the promotional customized flashlight with your logo, they will know your business has their back even in the darkest of times. 

Incorporating these top promotional products for the upcoming summer months into your campaigns and event budgets is important to remain relevant with your customers. Your local Fully Promoted’s team of swag experts is standing by to help you make the right choices for your needs and budget this summer. Contact us to set up a consultation or shop online at your convenience, 24/7