Express Yourself with that Perfect Coffee Mug

Posted on December 26, 2017 12:03 AM General

What was once overlooked as just a beverage container has now evolved into a creative outlet for expressing who we are or what our brand represents. Coffee mugs present an opportunity for creative expression with a drink container that appeals to everyone. They are a staple in almost every environment, whether at home or in the workplace, and help people start their day. Utilizing coffee mugs in your company or organization's promotional products campaign is a chance to gain great exposure with a high-use item that will grant your brand countless impressions. Here are some ways you can design and incorporate custom coffee mugs into your promotional products campaign.

Appeal to the Serious Coffee Lovers

Custom ceramic coffee mugs are the most common household item for serious coffee lovers and come in all shapes and sizes. Pick a high-quality coffee mug to appeal to real coffee lovers, as they prefer a durable mug that will last many washings and travel with them in the car, home or office on a daily schedule.

Customize Coffee Mugs for Tech-Savvy Consumers

You can move your brand ahead of the curve by appealing to tech-savvy consumers with innovative coffee mugs that are engineered for temperature control. Some coffee mugs can maintain your drink's temperature and include smart technology that will alert you when your beverage is ready to drink. By customizing one of these smart coffee mugs, you are aligning your brand with state-of-the-art technology.

Design a Coffee Mug to Match Your Brand

Make sure that the design of your coffee mug is in line with your brand image. If you operate an upscale travel company, then customize a travel mug to keep your jet-setting consumer top-of-mind. If you're designing coffee mugs to raise money for a local hockey or sports team, then match your brand message and pick a coffee mug that resembles the shape and colors of a hockey puck.

Add a Creative Punch for a Go-To Coffee Mug

Don't stop at just customizing coffee mugs with your signature company colors and logo. Take an artistic chance by picking a fun cup or handle shape. Add a creative or humorous tag line that will make people smile when they look at your cup.

Find the Perfect Customizable Coffee Mug at Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted will help you reach your target market with custom coffee mugs to promote any business or organization. Our specialists are ready to think outside the box and help you create the perfect, one-of-a-kind coffee mug, tumbler, travel mug or thermos. Fully Promoted offers many durable, high-quality coffee mugs to choose from for a variety of budgets. Contact your nearest Fully Promoted resource center to get started customizing coffee mugs today.