Event Swag: How to Choose the Best Items for Any Event

Posted on March 18, 2020 2:57 PM

The best way to leverage your brand’s presence at an event is to use hot swag items to turn attendees into brand ambassadors. These marketing tools offer you prime opportunities to repeatedly connect prospects and customers to your brand in a meaningful and positive way as they use swag they like, which of course prominently features your brand.

To make certain you have the right swag for your event, use these tips to help you decide which items to select.

· Your swag should fit with the event you are participating in. Think about the theme of the event and provide swag that supports it. For example, a marathon or any other type of fitness event attracts people who value those activities and will appreciate items associated with that such as a reusable water bottle.

· Choose swag that complements your brand. Your swag is directly linked to your brand so make it exemplary of your marketing messaging.

· Make sure your swag drives attendees to your social media and website. Your swag should be a conversation starter for your brand. Make certain that it directs all who receive it to visit your social media and website. This promotes purchases on your website, social sharing of your brand, and expands your event swag return on investment (ROI).

· Your swag should be useful on a daily basis. Choosing swag that attendees can use every day maximizes the number of times they will connect with your brand.

· Choose unique swag that sets your brand apart from the competition. There’s no better way to broadcast that your brand is different from the rest than with swag that has a unique feature or is something the recipient has never seen.

· Make sure that whatever swag you choose is of good quality and long-lasting. When you choose well-made swag, you send the message to all who receive it that your brand is associated with quality. Anything disposable is not worth your investment.

· Show that your brand is responsible by choosing eco-friendly swag. Now more than ever before, this respect for the environment is important to customers and prospects.

· Take advantage of the seasons as opportunities to provide what is top of mind: Providing ways for attendees to celebrate what is happening right now connects

your brand to what’s current so think sunscreen in the summer and hand warmers in the winter.

· Make sure that your swag is the most-wanted stuff. People use and save the things they like and remember the brands that provide them.

· Make sure your market swag is fully branded and Fully Promoted. If it doesn’t have your logo, company colors, etc., it’s not going to send the desired message.

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