Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas – Our Top Picks

Posted on March 02, 2021 7:19 PM

March 5, 2021 is Employee Appreciation Day, but there are other important dates you don’t want to miss. Celebrating your employees not only helps them feel valued and appreciated but also improves morale at work and a sense of belonging. When your employees feel appreciated, they typically show it through their work. We have the details on days to remember and gift ideas for your employees that they will love. Let employees know you appreciate all their hard work with these top gift ideas from Fully Promoted for each of the following special occasions for employees:

Employee Appreciation Day

Giving each of your employees a gift on March 5th may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day do not have to be exceedingly personalized or fancy. Your gift can be something simple, practical, and thoughtful, such as a customized tumbler stuffed with a few smaller items such as pens with your company logo, branded sunglasses, or even a branded power bank for their phones.

Company Accomplishments

Recognizing employees’ workplace accomplishments helps reward their hard work and motivates employees to work just as hard accomplishing the next challenging task. Workplace recognition also motivates other employees to perform well. Let your best employees show off their love for your company with fun incentives such as a swag package! Creating a company swag package is easy and can contain any number or combination of goodies customized with your company’s logo, such as a tote, a sweatshirt, or even socks


There is nothing worse than going to work on your birthday only to be surrounded by indifferent coworkers who have no idea it is your birthday. Make sure your employees are celebrated on their birthdays by decorating their office space with branded balloons, etc. You can also gift them a new lunchbox with your company logo, a branded t-shirt, or something else to make them feel cared for. Birthdays are personal, let us know what you have in mind and we can personalize pretty much anything! 

Work Anniversaries

Celebrating the day each of your employees joined your team can sound overwhelming, but there are a few important reasons to do it. First, it helps them feel noticed, as well as excited, to be with your team for another year. However, much like a birthday, every employee who works for you has a work anniversary, so we recommend a simple, easy to execute, yet thoughtful gift. Gifts for work anniversaries can be as simple as an office care package with a logo pen or highlighter, a branded notepad, and a branded mug. A gift like this also serves as an excellent opportunity to provide employees with fresh office supplies annually.

Personal Life Events and Milestones 

We spend a lot of time at work and often, we become close to those we work with. Celebrating personal life achievements such as a graduation or family events such as a wedding or welcoming a child can help employees know you care about their overall well-being. Make it memorable with gifts tailored to each event. A branded laptop case makes a wonderful gift for the employee who just got finished graduate school. An embroidered onesie or baby bib with your company logo can make an excellent gift for a baby on the way and a branded wine tumbler set is a great way to celebrate an engagement.  

Boss’s Day and Manager’s Day 

October 16th is a day dedicated to celebrating managers and bosses. Be sure to treat your managers right this day with a gift that says you know how challenging it can be to lead and that you appreciate their hard work. This gift should be one that genuinely communicates your appreciation. From beautiful desk clocks and picture frames with personal engraved messages to coffee and tea gift sets, we have the perfect gift to celebrate your managers this upcoming October 16th!

Not sure what you want to do for your employees? No problem. We have endless ideas to celebrate your employees on Employee Appreciation Day or for any occasion by having your logo custom printed on almost anything you can imagine! Contact your local Fully Promoted experts to get ideas and start making your team feel valued and appreciated.