Fully Promoted - Dodge City, Kansas

Posted on October 28, 2010 8:51 PM News, General

We would like to share a letter from one of our franchisees in Dodge City, Kansas... Without a doubt our EmbroidMe business would not be where it is today without the benefits that come with being part of a successful franchise. We started our business and had everything on the line-- it was a situation that we knew we had to make it work. We worked hard and are proud to say that in 6 years we have reached the Hall of Fame status. We have served on the Franchise Advisory Council for the past 4 years. We could not have been as competitive in our market without the benefits that we received from our vendors because of the size of our franchise. We have been able to show our clients and potential clients that we are local but at the same time we are global. This has been significant in the growth of our business and this has helped us as we have gone out to the businesses to present ourselves in a professional manner. One of the best things that has helped our growth has been the growth of our friendships with fellow franchisees and our corporate office support people. We have helped each other with our experiences and our connections to vendors and products. The most notable customer that walked through our door was a CBS Early Morning News representative, in Dodge City, Kansas no lessonly because of our franchise connections could we have taken care of 500 polo's, screenprinted in two locations, ordered on Tuesday night after store hours and delivered to our door on Thursday afternoon! Then to return the favor we were able to suggest a product to a fellow franchisee that sealed the deal on a $20,000 order and secured the customers faith in Fully Promoted and in their ongoing contract. We enjoy helping others now as that is what makes the franchise system worksuccessful stores helping others to be successful. The Mentor program has been implemented to achieve this goal and we are proud to have served as head Mentors for the past year. At the last expo we received the award for Head Mentors of the Year and we were very honored to get this prestigious award. Fully Promoted Dodge City 1909 N. 14th Avenue, Suite B Dodge City, Kansas 67801 Kim & Gavin Unruh