Embroidery Vs. Screen Printing on Choosing the Best Option

Posted on May 24, 2017 12:05 AM General, Embroidery

EmbroidMe Embroidery Vs. Screen Printing 

If your company is looking to achieve a sophisticated and sleek brand image with custom apparel, Fully Promoted offers customers a choice of EmbroidMe embroidery or quality screen printing. Choosing between embroidery and screen printing for specific promotional pieces and custom apparel requires a knowledgeable specialist. Here are the differences of embroidery versus screen printing and some insight on when to use one service over the other.Different Processes of Embroidery and Screen Printing

Embroidery is the method of reproducing your logo or desired branding via threads stitched directly onto the apparel by a person or machine. Your logo is digitized so that a computer program can relay the exact image onto your garments. Screen printing uses ink to apply an image directly to the apparel using inkjet technology. This direct-to-garment screen printing involves layers of mesh screens and stencils to apply the logo without adding an extra layer of texture.

Dollar Differences

The difference in price is dependent on many factors such as positioning of the logo, number of colors needed and the quantity of garments that are being customized. Embroidery tends to require a flat set-up cost that is not dependent on the number of colors needed for the logo. However, screen printing is color dependent, where the set-up charge includes additional screens for each color needed. Embroidery usually has a slightly higher cost per garment, so large quantity orders may be more affordable with screen printing. Some companies do not have set-up charges on repeat orders when done through embroidery, but there are charges on repeat screen printing orders.

Which Method has the Best Results?

The choice of embroidery versus screen printing greatly depends on the garment that you are customizing. Embroidery is the typical method used on professional apparel, polo shirts, caps and hats to produce the best finish. Screen printing is preferred for sweatshirts and t-shirts of virtually any material. Many people are more impressed with the quality of embroidery because it is long-lasting with the right care. With screen printing, the imprint may eventually garner some wear without proper washing care.

Let the Specialists at Fully Promoted & EmbroidMe Help You Make the Right Choice

The knowledgeable specialists at Fully Promoted have a wealth of EmbroidMe experience with custom projects and have helped many clients weigh the pros and cons of embroidery vs screen printing.