Embroidered Beanies – Favored Winter Promotional Products

Posted on January 11, 2019 12:10 AM General, Embroidery

Embroidered Headwear for Everyone

Everyone has a favorite hat that they grab as they head out the door. Whether it is an embroidered beanie in the dead of winter, a logoed baseball cap during summer or even a cowboy hat, everyone has that special headwear they don't leave the house without. Now that winter is in full swing, beanies and knitwear will be a fan favorite for the next few weeks, no matter where you are.

?Embroidered Beanies or Knit Hats?

When hitting the slopes or just trying to keep warm this winter season, there is no better way to promote your company than logoed headwear. Embroidered beanies and knit hats are both great options for employees and clients, providing various opportunities for branding. Embroidered beanies themselves come in a multitude of varieties - some have pom poms, some have cuffs and others are fleece lined. Looking for one that is ribbed over a knit material? Fully Promoted can do that too. Place your company name and/or logo on the cuff or on the hat itself. Add a patch for added emphasis, and complimenting logoed gloves are always a nice touch.

Don't Forget the Ears

Embroidered beanies are great for keeping employees' heads warm, but what about their ears? Don't forget about caps with ear flaps as these offer more opportunities, not only for staying cozy but for promoting your brand. Place a company name on the front of the hat, while logos can be embroidered on either ear flap. If that's too much, just try a simple logo on one side. With more real estate to work with, there are more branding opportunities for your company.


No one likes to carry around both a hat and a scarf with them. So why not give your employees a 2-in-1 hat and scarf? Be sure that employees and clients alike will stay warm, as their heads, necks and ears all stay protected from the cold with one branded product. Add a logo anywhere and your company will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

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