Developing Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

Posted on December 16, 2021 7:22 PM

With the end of 2021 quickly approaching, it's time to start planning your 2022 marketing strategy. We have broken down what goes into developing an effective marketing strategy and how corporate apparel and promotional products play a role. 

What goes into an effective marketing strategy?

There is a lot of detail that goes into developing an effective marketing strategy. By reviewing various aspects of your brand's identity, you can identify areas of strength and those that need improvement. Here are some essential questions to ask yourself when developing your 2022 marketing strategy:

1.      Who is my target audience? 

This may seem like a question solely for beginners, but target audiences can shift over time. Therefore, it's ideal for brands to periodically reassess target audiences and redefine brand goals. Knowing your target audience and what they want is key to developing any marketing strategy. Consider who your audience is, what their needs and interests might be, why they might buy from you, how your product or service may appeal to them, and what kind of customer experience they are expecting from your brand. 

2.      What is my budget?

Before deciding anything, designating a budget for your marketing efforts in 2022 is imperative to your success. Establishing your marketing budget will determine the limits of investing and keep you from overspending. Additionally, you can get the most out of each budgeted dollar by investing in strategies with a high return of investment, such as promotional products and corporate apparel

3.      How visible is my brand?

When your sales representatives assist a customer, how visible or memorable is your brand during the exchange? While attending conferences or trade shows, does your brand leave a widespread impression? After closing a deal, do you follow up with clients or thank them for their business? Reexamining your brand's visibility can help you identify new ideas to include in your marketing strategy. 

Effective Marketing Strategies

Turn employees into brand ambassadors with corporate apparel
Incorporating corporate attire into your 2022 marketing strategy is a great way to increase visibility and make the most of your budget. Corporate attire helps employees communicate professionalism and expertise and promote your business’s products and services. Additionally, corporate apparel also improves the customer experience by making it easier to identify and approach your team members. 

Garner new attention for your brand with promotional giveaways
Creating logoed promotional giveaways is an excellent way to reach new audiences without breaking the bank. Promotional products make fantastic giveaway items because of their versatility and customization options. Releasing a new product? Throw a release party and giveaway swag bags of items featuring your brand. Trying to attract more online activity? Host a giveaway on social media. Promotional items make it easy to organize a creative giveaway. And everyone loves to receive swag! 

There are some interesting statistics about promotional products that you should consider as you think about incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

o   Across all age groups, promotional items are the most effective form of advertising.

o   On average, most households own 30 promotional products.

o   53% of the population uses a promotional product at least once each week.

o   81% of people keep branded promotional products for more than a year.

o   40% of consumers hold onto some promotional products for more than a decade.

o   Almost half of consumers wish they could receive promotional products more often.

o   63% of people give a promotional product they no longer want to someone else.

Maintain healthy business relationships with corporate gifting
From thanking first-time customers to holiday gifts, showing customer appreciation is critical to maintaining healthy client relationships. According to a recent survey, 91% of respondents said they are more likely to do business with companies that show customer appreciation. Corporate gifting does not have to break the bank. Promotional products serve as excellent corporate gifts because they are customized, cost-effective, and highly valued. 

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