Designing the Perfect Business Card

Posted on December 11, 2018 12:10 AM General

Designing the Perfect Business Card

Did you know one of the first impressions your client receives from you is when you hand them your business card? Besides making your person-to-person impression, your business card reflects the purpose of your company and its professionalism. Make sure to get the design right the first time to capture a lasting impression.

Express your Business Message

Your business card should convey what product or service your business offers. If your company name does not define what your company does, then consider adding a tagline to explain your company's mission. Adding a simple tagline allows the recipient to later remember who you are, what your company does, and it better explains the purpose of your business.

Be Creative but Professional

If your company makes or designs products, your business card should be as creative as your own products! Keep in mind that business cards need to be able to fit in compact places and also have to have professional details. However, creative cards can leave a lasting impression over traditional business cards if designed professionally.

Keep it Simple

Business cards need a purpose not a story. Try keeping your business cards uncluttered with straight-forward contact details and a logo that stands out. Be sure to use a readable font like Helvetica at around 12 pt or similar. It is more difficult to read a business card that has too much information, so stick to only the necessary details.

Proof Your Business Cards

It would not leave a good first impression with a recipient of a business card if they find mistakes on it or they are unable to reach you due to incorrect names or phone numbers. Be sure to have the cards proofed by at least two people to make sure all information is correct. It is just as important to proof them again once they return from the printer. Make sure all the detail, the color, the cut and the designs are perfect before you leave them in the hands of potential clients.

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