Design A Swag Box That Will Delight Them This Holiday Season

Posted on August 05, 2021 5:09 PM

It’s almost that time of year again when we start to think about the upcoming holidays and developing a budget for corporate gifts. In this post, we provide tips for planning corporate gifts for both employees and customers, what to consider in terms of budgeting, and how to design a custom branded swag box that will delight everyone on your corporate gift list with a mix of some of our popular holiday items and choosing the perfect items that complement your brand. 

Tips for Planning Corporate Gifts

1.      Select the Right Theme

When putting together a swag box, it’s important to select products that not only complement one another but also complement your brand. Color coordinate your products to match your logo or choose products that communicate a particular message. For example, communicate to your clients and employees that you care about the environment with eco-friendly swag. Do your employees work remotely? You can easily upgrade their home office setup with a collection of wireless home office products. Want to gift some treats this holiday season? Consider a mug or wine glasses along with chocolate or cookie treats. The possibilities are endless when gifting promotional products.  

2.      Add a Corporate Touch with Customization

Promotional products are fantastic gifts because they are valuable to both the recipient and the giver. The recipient of your gift will not only remember who gave them the gift but will likely think more favorably of your business with each use. It’s estimated that almost half of promotional product recipients have a much more favorable opinion of the business that gives them the item. Your business can garner thousands of new impressions by giving out promotional products customized with your brand’s logo or a personal message.

3.      Staying on Budget

Creating a customized swag box may seem out of your budget but you may be surprised to find out that many promotional products cost under a dollar each! Promotional products come in a large assortment of prices and options, making it easy to identify products that will not only be appreciated but will not break your budget. Not sure where to begin with your swag box budget? Try answering the following questions to help you get a better idea of how you want to budget your swag boxes:

    •         How many recipients are receiving the swag box?
    •         A swag box should have at least four to five items. How many items are you interested in including?
    •         Will you be giving away the same box to every client, or should there be high-value gifts for your most important clients?
    •         Will you be giving away the same swag box to every employee? Or will management and other higher-up positions receive gifts with more value?

4.      Add Holiday Cheer!

After selecting the items you wish to include in your box, think about how you can add some holiday cheer to your box. From sweet treats to imprinted ornaments, there are several affordable options when it comes to making corporate swag boxes perfect for the holidays. 

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen at your local Fully Promoted. We are ready to help you get started on holiday gift-giving, no matter how extensive your gift list is. We can help you select items that not only compliment your brand but will leave your customers and employees happy and feeling appreciated this holiday season. 

Call your local Fully Promoted today so we can get started on your holiday swag box order or browse some of our product options online 24/7.