Custom Reunion Items for Class or Family Reunions

Posted on May 09, 2018 12:09 AM General

Creative Custom Reunion Items

Reunions can be a tough event to plan and coordinate. From securing a venue to making sure everyone receives an invite and RSVP's, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Unfortunately, this might cause some of the less-urgent tasks, such as ordering favors and other reunion items, to be overlooked. When planning such a monumental event, makes sure guests leave with memories and favors they will cherish long after the event. Below are some examples of custom reunion items that will make your family or class reunion unique and memorable.


Welcome your guests with a visually-appealing banner that is customized to display your class year or family reunion theme. A custom banner will encourage a feeling of belonging among everyone at the reunion, making them feel comfortable and more likely to communicate and reconnect with others. This will help to make sure your reunion is a success and gives guests a positive impression as soon as they arrive at the event.


Another way to keep the energy levels up and make sure your guests have fun is to have custom games at the reunion. For example, if the reunion is outside, you could set up a Frisbee golf course and get customized Frisbee's to use during the game. Other examples include ring toss, relay competitions and trivia games. Whether it's an outdoor activity or a friendly game of bingo, games can help break the ice and encourage everyone to let loose and have fun. Get creative and customize the game to reflect your class or family reunion theme.


Everyone loves a comfortable, high-quality t-shirt, especially if it displays an organization or event that has given them positive experiences or memories. Custom t-shirts also happen to be one of the longest kept promotional items, often being kept for many years. Have custom t-shirts designed to give away at the reunion so guests can remember the event. This is especially beneficial to schools putting on class reunions. Participants will wear the custom t-shirts around town after the event, allowing you to gain exposure and recognition within the community.

Party Favors

Putting together fun party favors for guests to take home with them is a cost-effective and simple way to express your gratitude and thank them for showing up. When putting together party favors, be sure to include items that they will use in the future. Some popular party favors and reunion items include custom Koozies, travel tumblers, key chains, coffee mugs, lip balm, sunglasses, pens and other stationary items. Top it all off by placing items in a cost-efficient custom tote or bag so your guests can easily carry their items home.

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