Choosing the Right Corporate Awards to Complement Your Brand’s Personality

Posted on December 03, 2020 5:42 PM

When it comes to choosing corporate awards and rewards for your employees and customers, your brand’s unique culture and messaging should take center stage. All perks, keepsakes, and promotional items in your awards campaigns should complement, reinforce, and build awareness for your brand. Your corporate awards and rewards should also be designed to increase engagement with your brand and create staff and customer loyalty by showing that you appreciate, value, and respect recipients and what they do for your business. You will find that the right corporate awards also motivate staff to achieve higher goals and customers to make more purchases.

Your corporate awards should be:

·         Specific – Employees and others must know precisely why they are being recognized by your brand. Many corporate awards programs recognize top performers, customer service heroes, most valuable team players, beyond the call of duty contributions, and much more. For an extra creative touch, use your branding in the names of the corporate awards you give.

·         Personalized – Recognize recipients by name and publicly note their contributions and why they are so important to your brand.

·         Given Consistently – When awards are given on a regular and recurring basis, they become something to constantly strive for in the minds of staff and customers.

·         Memorable – There is no doubt that people who care enough to support a brand will value keepsake reminders of their achievements for it and affiliation with it. 

As a professional corporate awards and promotional products expert, Fully Promoted suggests several ideas that work well:

Crystal, Glass & Acrylic Awards – Available in a large selection of shapes, colors, and sizes, these convey elegance and quality.
Certificate & Award Folders – These are customized with your logo for a very polished look.
Plaques – Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, plaques are always well-received.
Awareness Ribbons with Pin – Custom printed ribbons in your choice of colors come with a pin for easy wearing.
Paperweights – Wildly popular, these can be made of marble, crystal, or even acrylic.
Lapel Pins – Show brand pride again and again with a custom lapel pin featuring your logo and name.
Clocks – In both classic and modern designs, clocks are always treasured.
Medals and Medallions – Choose the ribbon color and the design on the medal for these honors that recipients are proud to wear.

Other popular promotional items that can serve as both employee and customers rewards include:

·         Power Banks

·         T-Shirts

·         Outerwear 

·         Drinkware 

·         Pens, Pencils, and Other Writing Instruments 

·         Performance Wear 

Whichever corporate awards – and rewards – program you choose for your brand, it is essential to work with a professional promotional products vendor that you can trust to deliver high-quality items and who is reliable and creative.

Fully Promoted is the Right Place for Creative Corporate Awards

At your local Fully Promoted, our team will give expert recommendations based on their years of experience as well as your budget, needs, and timetable. Our local experts are familiar with many industries and can help guide you through the selection and ordering process based on their knowledge. Contact Fully Promoted today to get creative with your employee and customer corporate awards and rewards.