Celebrate Nurses Week with these Top Appreciation Gifts

Posted on May 01, 2020 5:11 PM

Now, more than ever before is a great time to celebrate, recognize, and inspire your nursing staff with branded gifts and awards. With National Nurses Week being celebrated the week of May 4, 2020, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and nursing facilities need to be ready to honor the commitment of their nurses to their patients. Rewarding loyalty, teamwork, and exceptional performance with useful branded gifts of appreciation not only improves morale but also provides top of mind awareness for your healthcare brand each time they are used. Industry research shows that branded items are typically kept and used for years beyond the day they are given and serve time and time again as positive reminders of those businesses that provide them. 

There are hundreds of creative promotional items to choose from, although several tried and true favorites emerge as resonating particularly well with the nursing community:

·        Cooler Bags – Available in a wide range of shapes and colors, these are particularly handy for nurses to pack snacks and meals to see them through long shifts.

·        Tote Bags – Large and small, with and without pockets, totes are perfect carryalls for extra clothing, uniforms, and shoes.

·        Water Bottles – Whether plastic or thermal, water bottles are practical gifts used often at home and work.

·        Key Chains – As everyday reminders of your appreciation, key chains are budget-friendly and come in a wide variety of materials and colors.

·        Mobile Device Stands and Holders – From the practical stands to the creative character versions, these are highly coveted gifts. 

·        Treats Cups and Mugs – Filled with candy, popcorn, and an assortment of other treats, cups and mugs are always enjoyed. 

·        Herb Planters – These eco-friendly gifts deliver the message of health, life, and appreciation.

·        Journals with Pens – Perfect for note-taking, these are always popular.

·        Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer & other Wellness Items – For those who give so much of themselves to care for others, these items help them care for themselves.

Event Marketing for National Nurses Week

Planning for National Nurses Week events will take the knowledge of event marketing experts. Celebrations for nurses should not be limited to promotional gifts, consider decorating hallways and break rooms with custom posters and branded balloons for a festive touch. Community members may send in treats such as donuts and coffee which would look even better on a table covered in a branded tablecloth. If your celebrations will include an Awards Ceremony to name Nurse of the Year, you will want to be prepared with custom awards such as plaques and certificates.

Your Local Fully Promoted is Ready to Help You Honor Your Nurses

The local event marketing and promotional product experts at your local Fully Promoted are ready to assist your healthcare facility in honoring your nurses for their hard work during National Nurses Week. Our expert recommendations will be based on your budget and goals as our team is experienced in helping healthcare providers with these types of services. Contact us to create branded gifts for your nursing staff!