Cause Marketing: How to Align Your Brand with Causes Customers Care About

Posted on September 30, 2020 2:20 PM

Many companies, large and small, have found that cause marketing is a highly effective tactic used to boost sales while at the same time increasing customer and employee engagement, brand awareness, and loyalty. That may seem like a lot for one marketing strategy to accomplish, but the benefits of cause marketing are real and we see their positive results daily online via social media, at events, on TV, and in other media. Cause marketing is a partnership created by a for-profit business and a non-profit organization for their mutual benefit. The strategy provides employees, audiences, donors, and customers with the opportunity and knowledge to help those in need of support. 

The idea behind the strategy is for the “for-profit brand” to align themselves with a respected charitable effort important to their customers and potential customers by linking the promotion of its products or services to providing support for the charity. The charity usually receives both brand awareness and monetary support, while the for-profit company receives brand awareness, public goodwill, and – from the best campaigns – increased product and service sales.

Outstanding Cause Marketing Alliances 

Over the years, there have been numerous high-profile and successful cause marketing campaigns conducted by global brands. One example is American Express aligning itself with the Statue of Liberty Restoration campaign which involved the company earmarking three months during which it would contribute 1 cent for each card transaction and $1 for each new card issued. Backed by a substantial media campaign, this cause marketing initiative raised $1.7 million to restore the statue and Ellis Island while proving profitable for American Express in both increased purchases and new members.

Another is Yoplait’s longstanding campaign “Save Lids to Save Lives” in which consumers mailed in millions of the company’s yogurt container lids to raise 10 cents each to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Combining this cause marketing initiative with its sponsorship of the organization’s Race for the Cure, Yoplait has raised $26 million for the organization over time while it significantly raised its brand awareness, associating it with health and concern for women.

How to Bring Attention to Your Cause Marketing Campaign

Because the promotional aspect of any cause marketing campaign is critical to its success, many companies provide promotional item giveaways associated with it to raise awareness and generate support for the effort. These items are typically branded with both the for-profit and non-profit companies’ logos, a united message of support, and the cause marketing campaign title.

Some of the most cost-effective and attention-grabbing branded promotional items for cause marketing campaigns have proven to be:

·         T-Shirts – Available in all sizes, many materials and styles, and with various sleeve lengths, these enduring favorites are often selected as an integral part of promoting a cause marketing campaign.

·         Wristbands – Often colorful and manufactured with durable silicon, wristbands are popular cause marketing promotional items. People who receive them tend to wear them proudly and for a long time. 

·         Lanyards – Useful and colorful, lanyards are also cost-effective and well-received.

·         Drink Tumblers – Saved and used often, drink tumblers are constant reminders of your brand and its cause marketing efforts.

·         Reusable Water Bottles – Synonymous with healthy living and environmentally conscious choices, reusable water bottles are a coveted promotional giveaway.

·         Bottles of Hand Sanitizer – Available in a few styles, these are undoubtedly popular items that associate your brand with safety and concern for public health.

·         Pens – Cost-effective and available in many creative configurations and with interesting and useful features, promotional pens are often kept for years by those who receive them.

·         Tote Bags – Wildly popular, totes make logos and messages highly visible to all who see them again and again.

·         Face Masks – Since these have become a necessity, hand out branded face masks wth your campaign logo or slogan.

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