Build Team Spirit with Custom School Athletic Gear and Apparel

Posted on August 08, 2017 12:09 AM General, Embroidery

Get Your Teams Ready with Customized School Athletic Gear

It's not too early to start thinking about the upcoming school year, and your school's athletic department is the perfect place to start. Your school's athletic gear and apparel are a symbol of not only your team, but your entire school as well. Give your school's teams something to look forward to in the upcoming school year with custom school athletic gear. From customized apparel to practice equipment, everyone is sure to appreciate new school athletic gear. Read on for popular items that are perfect for any school's athletic department. Duffel Bags

Help your athletes stay organized and prepared with custom duffel bags that they can use for practices and games. Whether you get smaller individual duffel bags for each player or a large team duffel bag to transport equipment to and from games or practices, this is an item that will definitely be worth the investment.

Branded Performance Apparel

Branded performance apparel is sure to get athletes excited for practices and workouts in between games. Exercise and performance apparel with specialized fabric keeps players focused on performing their best while combating moisture and odor. Branded performance apparel is sure to keep the team cool and comfortable during high-intensity practices and training while also putting your school on display.

Sports Bottles

Make sure everyone on the team stays hydrated with customized water bottles that players can use not only during practices and games, but during other every day activities, as well. This item is useful in any number of scenarios, not just school sporting events. When sports bottles are carried around town with your school's logo, mascot or name on them, it helps increase support within your community and can give fans motivation to attend sporting events and cheer on your team.


Customized lanyards will instill a sense of pride in your school when coaches and staff wear them at games, during practices and at other school events. These are items that can also help reinforce the coaching structure of a team by using them as athletic department ID holders. Lanyards are also great gifts for players to hook important items to, such as keys or student IDs, so they don't lose them.

New Uniforms

After a while, your school's uniforms can become tattered and outdated. New uniforms may be the boost that your team needs to put forth extra effort and commitment. New sports uniforms can also give your team and your school a positive and fresh image, providing athletes with added confidence that will be useful in games and competitions.

For the Best School Athletic Gear

Your school's athletes work hard to perform their best. Show them they are appreciated with new school athletic gear from Fully Promoted. We are experts in embroidery and promotional products and know the importance of showcasing your brand on high-quality products and apparel. There are hundreds of Fully Promoted & EmbroidMe resource centers located across the United States and worldwide, making it possible to come in and see samples of hundreds of items and apparel options.