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Posted on November 26, 2018 12:09 AM General

How Event Marketing Assists Your Promotional Strategy

One of the most impactful ways to promote to your brand is through direct face-to-face contact. With event marketing you can promote your brand through fairs, sporting events, shows, contests and parties and more. Through event marketing you can give marketing materials and promote your brand directly to the consumer and immediately engage with them about it at the peak of their interest.

Event Planning

It is important to plan an event well before it takes place. Your venue should be booked several weeks or months ahead of the event and when trying to promote your event on different websites, plan at least a month or two ahead of time to ensure it fits in with editorial calendars. The longer you allow for planning the more attention it will receive. Having a promotional giveaway during an event is also a great way to promote your brand. Start planning this with your event calendar. You can start promoting your event on social media early however, it is important to keep people up-to-date on the event as it gets closer to the event date. At least two weeks ahead of your event, you may want to have an email campaign to help build relationships and to promote apps where you are promoting your event. Days before your event, send out reminders through social media and email. It is important to avoid sending out too many email reminders to avoid being unsubscribed or spammed.

Event Marketing through Social Media

Social media is a great medium for getting the word out about your event throughout the planning stages. Social media can be used before the event to get important information out about the time, location, speakers or entertainment and ticket information. Facebook has event pages that allow you to set up information and promote your event. Instagram is a great place to place photos and videos of your event while it is taking place and Twitter allows to engage with people by tweeting about activities throughout the event and answering any questions or complaints about the event. Engage with attendees by asking questions too. Make sure you come up with a clever hashtag so people can follow and post about the event. After your event, post about the success of your event in the same manner.

Event Marketing in Lieu of Advertising

Event marketing draws your audience to you and directly promotes your brand. Through social media and some traditional media such as flyers, little outside advertising may be needed depending upon the event. With the proper marketing plan in place, this could save you money. With good planning and an effective marketing event strategy, your event will be engaging and successful at promoting your brand.

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