Show your Appreciation for the Nurses in Your Life with Personalized Gifts

Posted on March 26, 2019 9:00 AM General, Embroidery

Honor Thy Nurses with Branded Nurses Week Items

Nurses are the backbone of our medical world. They are the ones in the trenches taking care of us when we are definitely not at our best. During Nurses Week, reach out to a nurse and thank them for their hard work by giving them a branded gift from Fully Promoted. Have your hospital, clinic or practice personalize an acrylic plaque to distribute to the nurses on your staff. Choose other honorary branded nurses week items such as acrylic paperweights, brass medallions or even crystal awards with a personal message of gratitude for your valuable nurses.Recognize the Value of Nurses

Nurses make everyone's lives easier, so why not return the favor? Start with a special pen with lanyard so they will not have to search everywhere when they need to update a chart or write a note. You can provide a nice embroidered sweater or jacket for those chilly winter days or the drafty cool areas of the medical facility. The nurses in your lives will appreciate any gestures that show them they are valued and appreciated.

Give a Nurse a Break

How about handing out a nice travel coffee mug or drink tumbler imprinted with an appreciative message? Coffee and lunch breaks are vital to keep these working professionals on their game. Try handing out a lunch bag or covered mug with a nice personal message to your nursing staff. You may notice that little "pick me up" gift really makes them love their job even more.

Nurses Need Care Too

To protect your nurses' health, hand out some Nurses Week personal items such as hand sanitizer, lip balm, or even a stress reliever ball. Have them custom printed with your message so even patients can see that the nurses are appreciated by their employers. A little bag of tissues or antibacterial wipes are other items that can be personalized with a nice note and also keep your nurses healthier.

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