Best Ways to Use Promotional Wellness Products

Posted on February 01, 2018 12:05 AM General

Uses for Promotional Wellness Products

Promotional products provide an efficient way to boost brand awareness and grow your business. They can be used in combination with current advertising and marketing efforts or on their own for specific events. With cold and flu season upon us, now is the time to take advantage of wellness products and use them to increase brand awareness. Giving away promotional wellness products will show your employees or customers that you care about their wellbeing, giving everyone a positive impression of your brand. Below are some ways to use health and wellness products to promote your brand.For Employees

Wellness products are great items to give away to employees this time of year. With the colder temperatures and increased threat of catching an illness, you may notice more employees under the weather, which can mean less productivity for your business. Make sure your employees stay healthy with wellness items like pocket hand sanitizers, essential oils and vitamins that can help ward off bacteria and illness. Not only will your employees appreciate the thought, but your business will benefit as well.

As Gifts

If you're in need of gift ideas for birthdays or other special occasions, there are a number of products that promote health and wellness in a less obvious way and make great gifts. For instance, custom planners encourage people to be more organized which can help reduce stress and allow for more clearheaded thinking. Books, puzzles and adult coloring books are also great gifts that can promote relaxation while still keeping the brain active. These creative and unique wellness-related items are sure to be a hit with both employees and customers any time of year.

Event Giveaways

Wellness products can make great giveaways at just about any type of event, regardless of industry, because they benefit everyone. Items like stress balls, lip balm and pedometers are cost-effective and will leave a lasting impression of your brand. These are great items to give away in store or at tradeshows, conventions and other corporate events. To immediately grab the attention of consumers or event goers, consider giving away granola bars or other samples of energy-packed foods that are customized with your brand's name or logo. These will keep attendees energized during the event and provide consumers with a boost while they're out shopping and running errands.

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