Best Promotional Toys & Novelties for Your Youth Marketing Programs

Posted on May 01, 2020 5:19 PM

Are you looking for a creative way to put your brand in the spotlight with a successful youth-based promotion? You’ll get plenty of attention from the customers most important to you when you give creative branded promotional toys and other gifts that are specially designed to please children. 

Branded promotional toys and other novelty products that are age-appropriate are essential marketing tools for brands that target kid customers and those who care about them. Useful in campaigns to say, “thank you,” and “we appreciate you,” these items are used within a range of businesses – from financial services and healthcare providers to automotive and insurance companies with a desire to communicate a family-friendly image.

Let your inner child run wild when choosing from the many ways to associate your brand with long-lasting, kid-friendly branded promotional gifts:

·        Banks – Available as a traditional piggy bank or as plenty of other creative characters, these are a classic childhood favorite that teaches the importance of learning to save money early. 

·        Coloring Books – Popular and budget-friendly, coloring books come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, with some highlighting special activities such as flying on an airplane and visiting the doctor or dentist. 

·        Crayons, Pencils, Markers – These pair perfectly with coloring books and you can give them as singles or in packs.

·        Stuffed Animals – Few toys say ‘I care’ better than a snuggly stuffed animal. Choose from a zoo-full of options when this is what works for your business.

·        Beach Balls – Your brand associates with sun and fun for years to come when you give beach balls to kids – and adults.

·        Frisbees – These colorful toys also work for active kids and adults – from glow in the dark to color-changing, Frisbees are kept and used over and over again.

·        Bubbles – Another budget-friendly option that kids of all ages can play with right away.

·        Junior Water Bottles – Good habits start young is the message your brand is sending when you give children their own creatively designed water bottles.

·        Bath Mitts and Sponges – Fun, practical, and budget-friendly, these bath time companions have been kid-approved for years.

·        Sunglasses – Send kids home with branded sunglasses and you’ll be sure those will be used during every outdoor activity or event.

Your Local Fully Promoted is Ready to Help You Create Youth-Based Promotions

Regardless of your industry, youth marketing programs need special attention to select the promotional products that will achieve your goal by reaching this important audience.  At your local Fully Promoted, your local experts will present a wide array of options based on your budget, timetable, and goals. Your consultation will ensure you are beyond pleased with the result. Contact Fully Promoted today to begin planning your youth marketing program!