Custom Apparel and Promotional Items for the Medical Field

Posted on November 09, 2018 12:09 AM General

Plain blue scrubs are a things of the past. Have your doctors, nurses and medical staff dress in high-quality apparel with custom embroidery. Fully Promoted can provide personalized white coats, scrubs and polo's to make your staff comfortable and professional. Set expectations high and your staff apart from the rest, with uniforms that make a statement. 
White Coat Ceremony

A doctor's white coat is the primary status symbol of the medical field, representing all the effort a person has invested into becoming a physician. Why have them wear a lackluster, white coat without custom embroidery? Fully Promoted has the expertise to provide high-quality coats with impeccable embroidered names. Why stop with just the plain name? Think about adding a hospital, clinic or practice's logo to make their coats stand out.

Laboratory Staff and More

Lab workers also require lab coats to protect them from all sorts of specimens being tested. Invest in embroidered coats for them too. Reward the workers who have reached milestones by embroidering their name on their lab coats. For the newer employees working their way up the ladder, they will appreciate a crisp coat with an attractive company logo.

Nurses Keep the Hospital Running

Everyone knows that the nursing and support staff keep the ship afloat in hospitals, clinics and practices all over the country. Keep them looking fresh and feeling comfortable with custom-embroidered scrubs of all colors and designs. Whether the medical staff wears one color, separate colors or any pattern of scrub they want, Fully Promoted can add a hospital or practice logo to make any scrub look sharp and professional.

Behind the Scenes

Don't forget about your administrative staff. Let them be comfortable and display their professionalism by wearing custom polo or Oxford shirts embroidered with the hospital or practice's logo. If you prefer to give your staff the freedom to dress as they wish, consider an embroidered pocketed smock or vest as an alternative to a traditional uniform.

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