After Christmas Sales It's Time to Kick Off First Quarter Marketing

Posted on January 04, 2019 12:10 AM General

After Christmas Sales-Time to Kick Off First Quarter Marketing

The holidays represent a large portion of retail sales. It is estimated that 174.6 million consumers spend an average of $335 over Thanksgiving weekend according to the National Retail Federation. It is an important time of year for retailers. However, what should retailers plan during the first quarter of the new year when things slow down after Christmas sales? Every retailer should have a first-quarter marketing plan in place to help improve sales and Fully Promoted can help you with your marketing needs.

Retail Returns

The first quarter of the year is notorious for exchanges and returns. This may discourage retailers; however, this is an opportunity to capture new customers who may not just exchange or return but are willing to shop with new gift cards or cash they received over the holidays. It is important that sales staff are alert to these after Christmas sales opportunities and cross-sell or up sell products as they are doing a return or gift exchange.

After Christmas Sales

After the holidays are over, gear up to extend your holiday sales. Many customers wait for after the holidays to get deals on items that were not available during the season or that were overstocked. Many retailers offer discounts as part of their first quarter marketing plan to keep sales streaming in. Also, this is the time when many people start New Year's Resolutions, so gear up your marketing plan to meet some of the most popular ones. At Fully Promoted you can get customized items such as towels for the gym, stress reliever items, totes for the green market and so much more to meet your New Year's goals.

Re-targeting Customers

Sometimes getting after Christmas sales can be as simple as using re-targeting ads. If a customer once bought from you with a friend and family member in mind, it is likely that they liked your shop and will come to purchase from you again. Kick off your first quarter with a re-targeting marketing campaign. If you need assistance with re-targeting, Fully Promoted can assist with a re-targeting marketing plan to help you regain your customers. To assist with your first quarter marketing plan, ask for another sale during a gift exchange or return, plan another big sale offering huge discounts and re-target the customer who made the purchase. These simple tips can kick your first quarter marketing plan into gear and you can continue to stream sales throughout the quarter.

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