Top Benefits of Branded Employee Uniforms

Posted on December 15, 2017 12:05 AM General, Embroidery

The simplest way to put your company's best face forward is to outfit your team in professional attire that sends the right message. Custom employee uniforms show your customers how serious you are about your products and services and act as an extension of your marketing campaign. There are many ways in which instituting an employee uniform policy will enhance your company's image – here are our top six benefits of employee uniforms.

1.     Raise the Level of Professionalism

There is no escaping a customer's first judgment with your business and staff. Employee uniforms will establish a high level of professionalism right from the start of the customer relationship, and carry that through to other aspects of your business. Match your staff's professional appearance with the quality of services you provide and your distinct company culture to give your business an edge on the competition.

2.     Bolster Team Unity

Employee uniforms bring your staff together as part of a team. When wearing their employee uniforms, they will feel more motivated to work together and more likely to act loyally toward the company. High-quality, functional and comfortable employee uniforms will make your staff feel proud to represent the organization.

3.     Further Market Your Brand Message

Customized polo shirts, button-downs, lab coats, scrubs or school uniforms that display your logo are constant advertisements of your brand. Customizing employee uniforms to include your advertising slogan or message will effortlessly boost brand recognition. Employee uniforms can be an affordable way to promote your message as employees naturally increase brand awareness wherever they may go. Experiment by incorporating different branded apparel and accessories, such as jackets, active wear and hats to give employees options they can wear at conferences and events in their communities. (Logos can be be printed, embossed, or using our network of EmbroiderMe machines)

4.     Simplify Their Pre-Work Routine with Time and Money Savings

Establishing employee uniforms can save your staff from having to spend their income on a work wardrobe and the time it takes them to plan outfits for their workday. This will in turn reduce tardiness and eliminate fashion politics and the pressures of dressing up in the workplace. Employee uniforms bring everyone to the same level so your staff can better focus on their duties.

5.     Happier Customers

In many industries, such as retail and hospitality, employee uniforms help differentiate staff from customers. This increases customer satisfaction because they are better able to quickly and easily identify who is able to assist them instead of searching for help. Employee uniforms also instill a level of customer confidence in your staff and workplace because your team will have a more reliable and trustworthy appearance.

6.     Maintain Protection and Safety Measures

For many industries, employee uniforms should be required as a safety precaution. Construction companies should institute employee uniforms that include highly visible safety wear such as hard hats, reflective t-shirts, vests and flame-resistant garments. Additionally, in the medical industry, lab coats and scrubs decrease the chances of cross contamination and de-sterilization. Clean employee uniforms give patients a sense of reassurance about the level of safety and quality of care. Employee uniforms can also improve security measures in the workplace by quickly showcasing individuals who may not belong in certain work areas or on job sites.

Stock Your Staff's Closets with Employee Uniforms

Employee uniforms can be a useful tool in increasing brand promotions, strengthening customer relationships, maintaining employee safety and more. Let the specialists from Fully Promoted assist you when establishing an employee uniform policy. With decades of experience in embroidery, screen and direct-to-garment printing, Fully Promoted delivers expert customization skills to boost business, regardless of industry. There are hundreds of Fully Promoted and EmbroidMe resource centers across the country with onsite specialists ready to help you decide what employee uniforms and brand message will work best for your company.