5 Tips for Creating Branded Workwear That Inspires Trust & Builds Your Brand

Posted on August 12, 2021 4:38 PM

Any business that brings employees into customers’ homes needs to build trust with their customers. Uniforms for employees play a critical role in making sure customers can easily recognize your employees and serve as an important promotional tool in your tool belt for advertising and promotions. Consider these tips for effectively designing a company uniform that supports your brand and builds trust with your customers as well as how to easily create a program for your employees to order their uniforms online.

1.      Select the right uniform for your business

Uniforms come in all kinds of styles, colors, and purposes. Be sure to review your options and make the best selections for your business. From the office to the outdoors, make sure the uniforms you select equip your employees to do their best. In addition to being a great branding tool, uniforms can also keep your employees safe. Uniforms should meet any safety requirements for your industry, such as high-visibility safety apparel or headwear

2.      Offer choices to employees

By offering some basic choices to employees, you can make adherence to the uniform policy more likely and help staff feel more comfortable. For example, businesses sometimes make the common mistake of not offering employees outerwear options. When the weather gets cold, staff may want to stay warm with a jacket, sweater, or some other option. However, wearing one would cover their uniform top. Consider offering matching outerwear options such as vests or embroidered sweatshirts for colder temperatures. Conversely, offer employees short sleeve options and even short bottom options for warmer weather as well as rainwear for those inevitable rainy days.

3.      Easily recognizable for customers

While offering choices to employees helps them feel more comfortable, offering too many options may make it difficult for customers to identify your employees. 94% of consumers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily recognizable. Many businesses ask employees to wear a uniform top, but not bottoms. This can lead employees to come into work with an assortment of bottoms that can make them blend in with customers. Make your staff easily recognizable to customers by including bottom options that match (i.e., pants, skirts, shorts, etc.). 

4.      Make uniforms professional and stylish

Did you know 93% of the population believe it reflects well on a company if the staff wear stylish uniforms? Factors that make a uniform design smart include color coordination, selecting a proper fit, and placing the company logo in the best place. Additionally, embroidering the shirt can also make it look more professional and help your logo stand out. Attention to detail can go a long way when designing a uniform. Some details to consider include buttons, patterns, collars, and hems. 

5.      Convenient for employees

Uniforms can make things much more convenient for employees for various reasons. First and foremost, they do not have to worry about purchasing work clothes. Uniforms are much more affordable than buying professional attire at a retail store and when they’re made of quality materials, they can often last longer than traditional retail clothing. Additionally, the purchasing process can be quite convenient by creating a custom online store for ordering uniforms. When you partner with Fully Promoted, we will create a virtual Company Store that allows your employees to place their orders online 24/7 and receive them at home or at work.

Trying to design the perfect uniform for your business? The uniform experts at your local Fully Promoted can help! We specialize in creating uniforms that will bring your brand to life. We can help you make the right uniform selections for your company, no matter what industry you are in. Call your local Fully Promoted today to find out how we can help or browse some of our popular products 24/7 online