5 Must-Have Items in Summer Storm Preparation Kits

Posted on May 31, 2018 12:09 AM General

Hurricane season begins June 1st, which is just around the corner, and it has everyone thinking about summer storms and what they need to do to prepare. Between torrential rain, dangerous lightning, high winds and even tornadoes, summer storms can quickly escalate, causing power outages and damage to homes and businesses. Regardless of where you live or where your business is, everyone should have a summer storm preparation kit on hand in the event of an emergency. Customized summer storm kits are also a great way for businesses and organizations to market their brand and show customers or employees that their business truly cares. Here are some popular promotional products that organizations can use to create custom storm preparation kits for customers and employees.

Flashlights are one of the most practical and necessary items to have in a storm kit. Power outages are a main concern during storms and can be widespread, so don't leave your customers or employees in the dark the next time a storm hits. Flashlights that are customized with your brand name or logo will provide much-needed light when the power goes out while they reach for your brand to save the day. This is an item that can also be used in a number of other situations, from walking outdoors at night to completing odd jobs and repairs around the house, providing unlimited opportunities for brand exposure.

Portable Power Banks

Custom portable battery storage to help make sure all communication isn't lost during a storm by keeping cell phones, tablets and other tech accessories charged, even when the power goes out. Power banks are also a great item to have customized because of their solid, flat surfaces. You can easily have your logo, business name or other messaging placed on the device for optimal brand exposure. Of course, power banks need electricity to charge. Your organization can go the extra mile by supplying power banks that have already been fully charged and ready to be used in the event of a severe storm. You could also choose to customize solar power banks that don't require electricity to charge. These will be even more beneficial in the event of extended power outages.

Manual Can Openers

Those who have experience in preparing for hurricanes know how important it is to have manual can openers on hand. After stocking up on canned goods to get through the aftermath of a severe summer storm or hurricane, it is crucial to have a manual can opener that can be used when the power goes out. This is one of those items that often gets overlooked or forgotten about when preparing storm kits, but it can be a lifesaver when electrical can openers can't be used because there's no electricity.

First-Aid Supplies

It is important to have a plethora of first-aid materials included in a storm kit. If there were a weather-related emergency, adding injuries or health hazards to the mix can be the situation even more overwhelming and difficult to handle. Bandages, gauze, medical tape, moist towelettes, dust masks and other health and safety items are imperative to storm preparation. This will also show your customers and employees that you're looking out for their health and well being, giving them a positive impression of your brand.

Pet Supplies

When preparing for a storm, it is important not to forget about pets. It is up to the owner to make sure they have everything they need in the event of evacuations or severe summer storms. Help out your clients and staff by including a customizable and durable weather-proof bag in the storm kit that they can fill with items for their pets. Be sure there is enough room for them to include canned pet food or dry kibble in an air-tight container as well as food and water dishes, medicine, toys, blankets, litter and litter trays, extra collars and leashes, medical records and more.

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