5 College Promotional Products Students Will Love

Posted on July 06, 2017 12:03 AM General, Embroidery

Support Students with College Promotional Products

Summer is the perfect time to prepare your college's promotional marketing campaign for the upcoming school year. Support your students while increasing school spirit and brand exposure with college promotional products that students need and will appreciate. Students spend a lot of time and money on your school, so be sure to return the favor with these five college promotional products that will communicate your brand message and create positive impressions.Laptop and Tablet Sleeves

Most of your students will be carrying a laptop or tablet around campus, either to classes, the library or to meet up with friends for lunch. Give them a branded laptop or tablet sleeve to keep their valuable technology safe while promoting your school. This is a promotional item that is sure to last long after their college years.

Custom Insulated Tumblers

Coffee or other energy-boosting beverages help students make it through long nights of studying and early-morning exams. Custom tumblers that can be filled with their favorite hot or cold beverages while they're in their dorm or making their way around campus will be a hit with all students. Another benefit of custom tumblers is that they are one of the longest kept and most durable promotional products, so they are proven to stand the test of time. This gives your brand increased exposure for many years to come.

Silicone Smart Wallets

Students have their hands full, so why not make carrying around their necessities a little easier? With this handy mobile accessory, students can easily carry their school ID, driver's license and credit card or cash all in a slim case that attaches to their smartphone. The case also has a built-in stylus pen and a stand to make using their touchscreen device even easier. Students will appreciate the convenience of carrying around their necessities all in a sleek and stylish item that takes up no additional space.

Custom Ear Buds

Put some pep in your students' steps with custom ear buds that they can wear while they're walking around campus. This promotional product will also be useful in their dorm or apartment and in between classes. For students that are taking online courses, this is an especially useful product to give them, allowing them to fully engage and listen to instructors virtually anywhere.

Branded Apparel

You can't go wrong with this classic and popular promotional item. Everyone loves branded apparel that is customized to showcase the brands they love, and this is especially true for college apparel. Everything from shirts and jackets to baseball caps and outerwear, branded apparel is sure to please your student body. Students wear their favorite college tees and sweatshirts to just about any type of event and during every-day tasks or errands. When students graduate, they will take their favorite college apparel with them, not only serving as a reminder of their college years but promoting your school, as well.

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