10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Corporate Wellness Program

Posted on December 22, 2020 5:36 PM

Over the last several years, corporate wellness initiatives have moved from the “nice to have” category of goals to accomplish every year to the “must-have” category. While the benefits of these programs are many, including improved employee health and productivity, one of the most compelling drivers of this trend is the positive effect they have on companies’ bottom lines.

Research from the Harvard Business Review found that, on average, employers investing in health and wellness initiatives saw $6 in healthcare savings for every $1 invested. The Rand Corporation estimates that the return on investment (ROI) for companies investing in employee wellness overall was $1.50 for every $1, while the ROI for disease management jumped to $3.80 for every $1 invested. Many health insurance providers also offer premium discounts to companies that have substantial wellness programs.

The best corporate wellness programs deliver reduced healthcare costs most often when they are well-organized and based on effective behavior change models. Motivating employees to make changes becomes even more effective when you create excitement at the launch of your wellness initiatives with the right corporate branded wellness products. Jumpstart your corporate wellness program in 2021!

1.      Water Bottles and T-Shirts – Whatever wellness initiative you choose, you can be certain that employees will value branded water bottles and company t-shirts to use during their workouts.

2.      Fitness Trackers – Create an employee step competition and launch the initiative with colorful, branded fitness trackers.

3.      Arm-Band Phone Holders – These are wildly popular branded gifts and convenient for walkers, runners, and just about anyone active.

4.      Yoga Mats – Offer both physical and mental wellness benefits by sponsoring yoga classes and launch the program with company-branded yoga mats.

5.      Meditation Mats – Sponsor guided meditation sessions and provide branded mats for attendees.

6.      Duffel Bags – Perfect as branded carry-alls for employees’ fitness clothes, shoes, and other equipment. Show them you mean business by stepping up their workout game.

7.      Hand Sanitizers – Everyone needs hand sanitizer in their gym bag to stay safe and healthy while working out – make sure it has your logo on it.

8.      Healthy Snack Baskets – Remind employees that you care about their healthy eating with fruit and healthy snack baskets placed in common areas daily, once a week, or once a month. 

9.      Potted Plants and Herb Gardens – Remind your employees of the importance of fresh air with oxygen-producing plants in branded pots. Help keep the air around your office clean.

10.  Ergonomic Work-Station Equipment – As you properly outfit employees with equipment that offers support and proper lighting, make sure it is branded. 

Make sure your employee wellness swag is fully branded and Fully Promoted

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