10 Ways to Grow Your Charity or Non-Profit Today

Posted on February 08, 2022 12:04 PM

Key strategies exist for bringing increased revenue to your charity or non-profit. Fully Promoted can help you optimize your financial outlook with everything from wearables to gift sales so that your group can make a bigger impact. We can even assist you in setting up an online store that sells your branded items to those who wish to support your group. 

There are 10 primary ways you will want to keep in mind to successfully achieve the goal of enlarging the scope of your non-profit or charity group.

1.      Go out of your way for everyone who supports your group’s efforts to make them feel special. Everyone wants to be noticed. So you might give members a free t-shirt to advertise your non-profit on a walk-about, regular basis. It would make members feel included and create talking points for them in your community.

2.      Hand out a business card or pamphlet with a custom, colorful pen with the non-profit’s name and make a pitch to prospective new supporters of your group at meetings held in your community center.

3.      Sponsor a drawing for a gift basket that could include some branded items with the charity’s logo to encourage interest in your charity. Sell tickets for the drawing at a health fair, craft fair, or other events, and at the end of the day, announce the winner.

4.      GoFundMe and other similar platforms offer an easy way to kickstart an organization. Ask family, friends, and supporters to share the link on social media with a note explaining why they support the non-profit. In doing this, you might want to send a free tote bag to someone making a certain level of donation to your non-profit.

5.      Give away stickers featuring your logo in a unique design at community events. Everyone loves them and people will put them on their car, laptop, or other personal items to show what they support and care about. This helps spread the word about your charity group.

6.      Notebooks with an inspirational message are a savvy tool to promote your non-profit and are always a popular giveaway. Kids love them for school, young adults love them for college, and adults love them for work. Send these out to your supporters to just say thank you for their ongoing support.

7.      Selling branded products that feature your logo in an online store is guaranteed to help raise money. You could link to the store on your website and social media platforms and encourage those who mention an interest in the items your group is wearing and using to order some stuff online for their own family to use. 

8.      Does your group have an annual meeting to make plans for the year ahead? Greet those who attend with a special gift. Give your foundation’s Board members travel mugs with the group’s logo. They are a great option, especially when early risers are looking for their coffee in the morning.

9.      Encourage your group’s members as well as those your group has helped to send in a testimonial you can share online. Testimonials posted on your website are tremendously helpful in making your non-profit highly visible. Once a prospective donor is there, merchandise can be made available for sale. 

10.  Participation in community events large and small with a booth, signage, swag bags, and more will help generate a lot of interest in the efforts of your group.

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